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Select coverage to quote (Auto, Home or both) and click "Get Quote"
Provide your information and click "Next" through the prompts
* Accuracy is the key! Quotes get pulled real-time and greatly depend on information you provide.
Review and select your coverage type and limits
* Don’t worry; you will be able to make adjustments later
Within moments you will be presented with multiple quotes. Choose “Lock My Rate” and complete the transaction with our licensed agent
* Quotes will be presented on the screen as well as emailed to you. Some insurance companies’ pricing is so aggressive they do not allow us to display them on the web. No worries – we’ll email them to you!
You are done!

But that’s not all – let the Premium Savings work for you now! Before your new policy expires, our RenewalShopper™ will automatically email you fresh quotes. If you like the quote - you know what to do now – “Lock My Rate”!
* No obligation to buy, of course. If you are happy with your existing policy, simply ignore the new quotes.

Who we are & what we do

We are a technology driven insurance comparison site, focused on making insurance purchasing effortless and simple. Our goal is to assist you in finding the best deal you can by offering the fastest, easiest way to receive and compare auto insurance quotes and home insurance quotes in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are not in business of selling your information. What you enter is used solely for shopping your insurance program. Your information is safe!

Premium Savings is so easy! Our state-of-the-art System allows you to compare quotes from multiple insurance companies in just minutes. Once you find and select what you want, “Lock Your Rate” and our licensed agent who represents the selected insurance company will assist you with completing the purchase.

Best of all, Premium Savings will continue saving for you! By receiving a quote today, you will be automatically enrolled into our RenewalShopper Program. Right before your current policy expires, RenewalShopper will automatically reach out to you with fresh new quotes from multiple insurance companies. Simply choose the quote you like and "Lock My Rate"! Read More >

Premium Savings proudly gives you Choices! Receive immediate insurance quotes - in minutes!

Let’s face it, you’re probably here because you’re hoping you finally found a website where you can see multiple insurance quotes in real time. You may have gone to some of the insurance carrier sites directly but only received that one quote and it was probably more expensive then you expected. You may have also tried some insurance comparison sites to later learn that it was just a lead generation site for insurance salesman who bombarded you for days to come. You wasted so much time and still have no clear direction of what you’re going to do. No worriers, you’re here now, Premium Savings will save the day.

If you’re looking for real time accurate automobile and homeowners quotes in the State of New York, you came to the right place. We have no gimmicks, no animals, no funny ladies or fancy symbols. We’re not going to teach you insurance or provide you with an insurance dictionary. We simply take the information you provide to us, run it through our comparison rating engine and share with you the quotations the system returned online, in real time, and via email (within minutes) on occasions when online quoting failed with certain carriers. If you like any of the prices shown, click on Lock the Rate and proceed to purchase coverage from the agent or broker who represents the company whose quotation you have selected. That’s it.

RenewalShopper™ Program is fantastic! We will automatically email quotations available through our system 30 days prior to your insurance renewal. This program ensures that you effortlessly see the premiums available from other carriers and have the option to transition to a new carrier easier than ever before.

Premium Savings brings you premium savings. It’s in the name. We welcome you to our website and hope that your experience here is beneficial.

Rates may vary based on coverage limits, deductibles, driving history, education, occupation, credit history, type of vehicle, and location, among other factors specific to each insurance provider. Premium Savings does not represent any specific insurance company. If you are an insurance company and would like to have our site include your rates, please contact All copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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