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Traditionally, if you wanted to shop for insurance, you would have to take time out from your day or night and spend it looking for insurance quotations, spending hours on the web, talking via email, chat or phone. At renewal if you wanted to make sure you had the best rates, you had to go through the same ordeal, again. If you didn't shop at renewal, then you potentially left premium savings on the table. Well, this model is no more. Premium Savings is pleased to offer a new technology abled solution for providing automatic comparison insurance shopping, RenewalShopper™.

By participating in RenewalShopper ™, our rating engine will automatically generate new quotations and email them to participants 30 days prior to their insurance renewal. In one email, participants will receive numerous premium quotations available from other carriers without exerting any effort. If another quotation is more appealing, participants will have the option to seamlessly purchase coverage through a new provider.

If you're looking to sign up with RenewalShopper ™, the process couldn't be easier. Simply get a quote at at GetQuote, and you automatically enroll. This service is currently provided on a complimentary basis.

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